Feeling some kind of way tonight. Grateful for my favorite genre of exposé.

Opening night of This is Our Youth @ the Cort Theater

Tested out waterproof cellphone case for Mexico. It works! (not a lot of room for underwater photography in the bathtub).

Zach gave me and Sandra a tour of SHoP Architects HQ in the Woolworth Building (photography not permitted!!).

Dim sum shopping at potential venues for 30th birthday party. It’s like planning a wedding except I’m alone and poor. 😢😢😢

Sad, sad, my last weekend with Zach in town. Rob came in, we got the big table in the kitchen @ Emily & ate a zillion pizzas, then went out dancing. Props to the bros for holding down the dance floor @ One Last Shag.

#tbt - Presidential Suite @ the Waldorf=Astoria
Sash’s wedding, 2011

Dave and Zach and I left at the crack of dawn and spent all day at the beach in Sea Girt, NJ (one shore down from my old town!). We went to the Parker House twice for lobstahs and assorted raw bar snacks.

Friday night: celebrated Rose’s promotion, fangirled and roadied for the last BLKKATHY show of the summer, passed out at Kate’s pizza house, rolled over in the morning and woke up to this. SHE’S EVERYWHERE.

The best part about second hand books.

Hanging with my god bb (!!!!!!)