That’s about right.

Slow-moving Sunday. Hot Bird birthday party. Hung out with Heather. Movie and ramen with Dave and Kate.

Shut down Iggy’s

Big pawty n bullshit @ (the new!) Max Fish for Lauren’s birthday. The vibes were sooo good - I wish it was still that moment.

Sitting on Hugh’s bed at his housewarming party.

I met this big, fat bunny @ Jared’s birthday party. His name is Bun and he doesn’t live in a cage.

Glued pairs of googly eyes and taxidermy eyes on pineapples for presents for the different parties I went to last night.

Second karaoke endeavor of the night @ Alligator

Stephen bringing down the house w Ghostface @ Tacu Tacu

And a bouquet of marigolds whose scent is the Mission in October (repping the death of my 20s?).

Your laugh is like a chandelier,
Your eyes are sparkling laughter
Dispersing dark and clouds and fear
I hope forever after.

snippet of Birthday Sonnet-ish (10.14.14)

And thank you for the birthday swag: Mud mask from Iceland! Tattoos! Tooth gems! Edibles (x2)! A mold of Hemie’s teef! A creepy doll! A lock of hair! A book of poems! A poem just for me! Stickers! A portrait of me! A vase that Katie cast out of teacups!

Sasha made this cake πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Drink all of the TingSaos, close down 169 Bar