Took a stroll through Lincoln Center with Rosie on this warm, clear night. It might be my favorite place in Manhattan.

I made a Lula cake for 4/20

A mime, age 8 (not Halloween)

Postcard to SGD sent from KGB @ 2am.

5am reply from Taqueria Cancun (the one across from Duncan!!) = true love.

The best part about living five feet from a fancy steak house is they always wrap the bones in a tiny prezi for Lu.

Nurse Ruby vs 2000 unscreened children

¡¡¡¡Spotted: my traumatizing boss from my first grown-up union job!!!!

Renan and I were eating dinner @ Porteño when I spied his unmistakable shape sitting right behind us. He photobombed my subtle attempt to paparazzi him in a very dark and empty restaurant.

Washington Square Park was extra jimmyjangly in the spring weather yesterday.

MM and I had terrible Palm Sunday cocktails @Lucky Strike. We took a nice stroll through lower Manhattan and dropped in on the brand new Papi @fairfolks (❤).

Really committed to birthday celebrations (cake not pictured).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR MOM! She spent her birthday taking Lu to the vet for emergency surgery while I was at work all day.


"Look! I’m at a spa!" - important child in my life who is clearly not a part of my day job.

Found this cutie note from one of my favorite kids, “Shaq Daddy”. ❤❤❤❤

I’m feeling some posi, nurse-witchy vibes right now!

Nurse Kill’em, my sole co-worker, with whom I had a very contentious relationship, was transferred to a different location without notice last week. Even though she made my life truly difficult - and would likely benefit from a diagnosis with emotionally unstable personality disorder, borderline type - we shared an affinity for crystals and healing stones. She and I would keep our crystals on our desks and swap tips on energy maintenance.

It was a true relief when Kill’em left. The bad vibes disappeared into the ether. I was sorry, though, that I had lost a witchy-nurse connection.

But guess what!? The replacement nurse is even more of a lithophile. I took notice of her quartz necklace upon our introduction. Nurse Avril has come to reveal that she is also a reiki healer and gives crystal skull card readings in Harlem on the weekends. She is going to read mine next week! Today she came in with a bag of pocket stones and let me chose one. 🙌🔮🙌🔮🙌🔮🙌🔮🙌🔮🙌

Happy Birthday to my sweet sister Dill! ❤🎉🎈🌟

Qt bb Neezy

Sunday Squawk @ Roman’s